BerryNOS 1543 red – updated module

BerryNOS 1543 red is an updated and improved version of BerryNOS 1543.


BerryNOS 1543 red is an 16-bit stereo audio reference DAC module designed for Raspberry PI model B.
I²S based together with Philips D/A converter with a fully balanced design and a unique discrete buffered output stage.
BerryNOS 1543 red has an I²S input, which makes it a DAC module that can be used with basicly any audio source with an I²S output.


Power Requirements
External PSU needed:
2×7.5VAC 25-40VA (DAC)
5VDC (Raspberry PI)

BerryNOS 1543 red doesn’t need any hardware configuration. The only thing needed is to have I²S
drivers/modules installed and running when used with Raspberry PI.

Technical details
Input up to 24bit
Output up to 96 kHz
Output 9.4 Ω balanced
Output 4.7 Ω unbalanced
Frequency 4 Hz – 18 kHz
THD+N = 0.02% (1 kHz)

Raspberry PI input header P5

L/R Balanced XLR
L/R Unbalanced (RCA not included)

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