Isolate your Raspberry PI

Ground separator and I²S isolator module designed for Raspberry PI model B.


Isolation module can be used between Raspberry PI model B and any I²S based DAC module for Raspberry PI. Since alot of noise is on ground plane the Isolation concept will significantly improve sound quality to whatever DAC module is used together with Raspberry PI.
On top of that the Isolation module has an embedded isolated fixed master clock to give the user the ability to use it with any DAC that requires a master clock which the Raspberry PI is missing.


Power Requirements
Isolation is fed directly from Raspberry PI and no other external PSU is needed.

Isolation doesn’t need any hardware configuration. The only thing needed is to have I²S drivers/modules
installed and running when used with Raspberry PI and the module can be used both in top or bottom
assembled DAC modules.

Technical details
Input BCLK
Input WS
Input DATA
Input 5VDC
Input GND
Output Isolated BCLK
Output Isolated WS
Output Isolated DATA
Output Isolated 5VDC
Output Isolated GND
Output Isolated 3.3VDC
Output Isolated MCLK

Raspberry PI input header P5

2×4 2.54mm output header

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