Why does CubieNOS cost $340?

We’ve got alot of questions regarding the CubieNOS but the most common and recurring is:
Why does the CubieNOS cost $340?

The question goes back a little bit about us and what we stand for, that’s why we felt that we want to put all cards on the table…

First we want to let you know G2 labs is a small company driven by HIFI enthustiast. We focus so much on every detail when it comes to the electonics and getting every part the way we want it that we sometimes forget to advertise ourself or even focus in sales at all. With this I want you to know G2 labs isn’t a very profitable company because we love what we do and that comes before all.

Back to the question which the anwser is actually really simple too.

What makes the CubieNOS price a several facts:

  • We only do it in small batches and can never be competitve to a Cubeboard batch or Raspberry PI batch. There’s not even the slightes comparison.
  • We have put alot of effort and with that time and money on components the last year to get to the point we are today with the CubieNOS. CubieNOS isn’t just another NOS Dac. Actually nothing with it is like any other DAC. Without going too deep in electonics, we can say it has a biasing design that is completly unique. The design without any capacitors in the balanced signal path is one of a kind. The way G2 labs phase shifter for the digital data signal is outstanding and doesn’t look like anything else.
  • Superb quality. Handmade and quality tested in Sweden.

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